How it works

What are campaigns and how do they work?

A MegaShouts campaign is a request for change started by a user, supported by the community and directed to a recipient.


Anyone can create a MegaShouts campaign, and only a few key elements are needed:

  1. A clear message: the request must consist in an easily measurable action to be done by the recipient (“stop world hunger”, although a noble intent, is too vague and impossible to measure);
  2. A decision-making recipient: the recipient of the message must be someone who truly has authority on that particular issue and is able to take action;
  3. The recipient’s Twitter account: it is vital that the chosen recipient has a Twitter account, otherwise we won’t be able to start delivering the message!


Anyone with a social network account can support a campaign for free online: the platform will guide the user along the “SHOUTing” process smoothly.

At the moment the social networks available for “SHOUTing” are Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Aside from the diffusion via social networks, it will be possible to support campagns with other media actions on newspapers, TV, radio, online advertising, banners, flyers, sandwich boards and other channels capable of generating media buzz.


When the recipient has read the message, the campaign changes status and a “Read” sign appears. In order to verify whether a recipient has read the message or not, the editorial team contacts them or their staff periodically.


If the recipient decides to give an official answer to the MegaShouts regarding a certain matter, it will be displayed on the campaign page along with a “Answered” status.


Success is reached when the action requested in the campaign message is completed. Successful campaigns are marked with a green “Success” status.

How do I launch a new campaign?

To launch a campaign, all you need is:

  1. the recipient’s Twitter account;
  2. a campaign hashtag (which must respect the traditional netiquette);
  3. a brief description of the initiative in 140 characters with the possibility to add an extra three links to other web pages to complement the information;
  4. a YouTube video or alternatively a related image;
  5. some personal data.

At this point, the campaign is checked by the editorial staff and, if approved, is launched online in order to gather consensus and trigger a debate. The more followers join, the more tweets the recipient receives and the more successful the impact of the campaign will be.

How do I join a campaign?

From the campaign page, you can allow your Twitter account to send a special message directly to the news stream notifications of the chosen recipient. This message will incude the recipient’s Twitter account, the hashtag and the link to the campaign.

The more support you gather the more tweets the recipient will receive. The more tweets s/he receives the higher the chance of success of the campaign.

And that’s not all. Thanks to a second message you will be able to bring a campaign to the attention of a specific Influencer chosen among Twitter celebrities with the highest number of followers. The Influencer can support it and retweet it to his/her followers, thus helping in making it viral!

Informing without being annoying

The recipient receives multiple notifications, but not so many as to prevent him from being able to regularly use his tools. A recipient who cannot use his social networks is, in fact, a recipient who can no longer listen…

The system sends only a few notifications to the recipient’s news stream in order to inform him of the number of SHOUTings a certain campaign is generating. The majority of messages, on the other side, mention the campaign’s recipient, hashtag and link, but not the @Idtarget.

What if I don’t have a Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account?

MegaShouts works best if you have a Twitter account: it only takes a couple of minutes to setup, plus it’s completely free. However, if you don’t have a Twitter account (nor the intention of creating one), you can still join the social SHOUTing using other channels, such as Facebook or Google Plus.